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What Ephnea Means to Us

What Ephnea Means to Us

Ephnea is a new brand that is unique leisure wear for women 55 and older.Hi my name is Crisse and I am an active 61 year old grandmother that does not have time for uncomfortable clothing – So Ephnea was created with an older women’s body and style in mind.We did not sacrifice anything in the designing of our leisure wear in fact I believe we created a beautiful line of simple leisure wear that can be worn for just about any event or time of day.
Women 55+-aged of today are not the same as the 55+ women of yesteryear. We look and feel much, much “younger” – and are less inhibited by society’s expectations of us.

I wanted my leisure wear to be functional, comfortable, and
accommodating to any physical limitations or specific health conditions that my anyone would have.  I personally struggle everyday with Rheumatoid Arthritis so I know getting dress can sometimes be a burden.

I don’t want any woman to sacrifice their independence while still maintaining their style.  I believe that looking good as we age is important because it contributes to improving our mental and emotional well-being so we may age gracefully.  A good looking outfit that not only feels good but also is compliment induced when you wear it out - compliments always boost our self-esteem
and enhance our mood.

The women are older and not so much into working out – but
walking is a big exercise event for the age 55+.  So, it is important that you are in style
while strutting. 

Our clothes are easy to put on and take off and hidden features ie… Waist band, smooth zipper on jacket and jacket pockets.  NO buttons no Velcro. Sides on jacket should have a stretch material for the wide waist -

We are a generation in transition – not wanting to
sacrifice anything with style and comfort & Security.

It’s a time to embrace the rest of our journey in comfort
while still making a statement.

We are not a new generation – We are a wiser and sexier
generation because we come from a time when we once set the rules. 

Our leisure wear is for ladies on the go, stepping out, physical therapy sessions, shopping, lunch with friends, movies, balls games with grandchildren, hiking, walking,
boating, car traveling, camping, flying, entertaining family & friends or just lounging for a movie!   

We are comfortable
and available all year long, our leisure suits match colors that are muted and happy, comfort and style with a
variety of pieces that come together depending on the time of day.  The collection matches and is interchangeable. 

We focus on jackets and shirts that fit us for our age - because as we age our bodies change - so the clothes need to follow.